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Fug Girls Contemplate Muzzle for Real Housewife Ramona

After several seasons showing in the tent, Badgley Mischka downsized to the smaller Promenade this time around, but the celeb turnout remained a similar mix of totally random and kind of awesome. Right off the bat, we spied Joan Allen, looking swanky with her daughter by her side. They were seated next to Jason Biggs, complete with overly long hair and his new bride, Jenny Mollen, in tow. The newlyweds were talking about what’s it’s like to finally be married — they hate it and wish they’d never done it. Oh, except the opposite of that. Don’t worry, they’re very happy.

Also Badging it up: Amanda Beard (wearing the customary end–of–Fashion Week flats) with Nastia Liukin. No joke: People are stoked to see Nastia. Even people who are generally blasé about such things. We must admit we are two of those people (although perhaps without the blasé part). We were shocked to see that Heather Graham actually showed up for the show, but not entirely surprised that she looked kind of rough. And we were 100 percent stunned to see … television’s Joan Lunden? When we were laying bets on which perky morning-news-show host would show up in the tents, we both laid money on Kathie Lee. Our bad,

But by far the most annoying guest was Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York (or, as the girl in front of us called it, Desperate Housewives: Real World). Basically, Ramona WOULD NOT SHUT UP. She was seating next to new Housewife Kelly Bensimon in the front row and literally talked throughout the entire show. We could hear her from our seats in the fourth row. Over the music. Kelly sort of nodded politely at intervals but couldn’t get a word in edgewise, even to tell Ramona to hold her fire while the show was running. If this is how hyped up Ramona is during nearly the last show of Fashion Week, when the rest of us are essentially comatose, we’re glad we weren’t sitting near her before this.

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Fug Girls Contemplate Muzzle for Real Housewife Ramona