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Fug Girls: Tropical Storm Hanna Has No Respect for Fashion

One of the people.

One thing we love about Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton is that she’s game for anything when it comes to Fashion Week. Saturday’s Vena Cava show was not the first time we’ve seen her at a presentation, which typically put models on a dais while guests mill around with cocktails — meaning celebrities have to be prepared to stand and mingle with the masses. Yet Newton appeared completely comfortable, cheerfully congratulating the designers and giving a long on-camera interview before polishing off her Champagne and dashing out into the rain.

Unfortunately, Newton was one of the only famous faces undeterred by the weather. The only others we saw were socialites Ferebee Bishop and Byrdie Bell — the latter still blonde — and Leigh Lezark, who ogled the pretty, pretty dresses without ever removing her thick-framed white sunglasses. You know the ones: Chloë Sevigny discarded them about three years ago.

By the time the hour-long event ended, the rain pounded down in an all-out deluge. Give them credit for trying: Via Spiga, which collaborated with Vena Cava on the shoes worn in Saturday’s presentation, apparently provided a bunch of supersize souvenir umbrellas for the soggy patrons who came to Chelsea. There may not have been enough to go around — which in turn may have caused attendees to gank the umbrellas of innocent, unknowing bloggers still working the room — but the idea certainly won them some points. Too bad Tropical Storm Hanna has no respect for fashion. Or for our shoes.

Fug Girls: Tropical Storm Hanna Has No Respect for Fashion