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Fug Girls Pleasantly Surprised by Olsen and Richie’s Cuteness at Proenza

Was there ever really any doubt that A-Dubs would skip Proenza Schouler in favor of cheering on Roger Federer as he won the U.S. Open for an unprecedented fifth time? Anyone who thought otherwise clearly doesn’t believe in the power of true love — or has never seen Anna’s reactions to Roger’s victories. We got home from Proenza Schouler this evening just in time to see Federer clinch it all, and La Bob leap out of her prime seat next to Federer’s girlfriend, clapping and smiling wildly. We have literally never seen her look so thrilled. This moment is going to make an amazing scene in the Wintour-Federer fan-fic we’re writing.

So we can’t really blame Anna for skipping Proenza, though we’re sure Jack and Lazaro are cursing the weather gods responsible for the rescheduled tennis match. But they weren’t left entirely empty-handed, thanks to the fact that they moved their show out of its usual space in the Park Avenue Armory and into its vast, impressive Drill Room, allowing them to give seats to exponentially more boldfaced names and fashionistas (though seating was still so tight that we think we’re now legally obligated to marry the woman next to us). We spied Mary-Kate Olsen, out and about and looking cute for the second time in three days. We’re crossing our fingers that she’s not about to trip and fall back into that Dumpster in back of the Starbucks again. M-K was hanging out with Nicole Richie, who was also looking pretty hot in some seriously major shoes. We don’t know what she’s been doing to herself lately, but she ought to keep it up. M-K and Nicole didn’t appear to be giving interviews in the front row — because they really need to focus before a show like a boxer before a fight, or something? — but Nicole wasn’t able to truly escape the long arm of the media, as we saw that a reporter managed to grab her on the way out of the venue for a little on-record chat.

The most dramatic celebrity, however, was Kanye West. (That’s probably true more often than not.) As we loitered around the Armory after the show, we noticed that Kanye was waiting for his car all by his lonesome. No one was talking to him. No one was taking his picture. He was just standing there in his houndstooth suit, glasses, and backpack, looking like a very well-dressed kid whose mother is running late picking him up from school. At one point, his ex-fiancée, Alexis Phifer — also attending the show, awkward — asked him if he wanted to share her ride. And she was summarily, and curtly, denied. Drama!

Eventually, after Alexis’s dismissal, someone noticed that they had a celeb among them, and called out, “How was it?” Kanye responded with a silent thumbs-up. Later, a man came up to him, and they started yapping about music. After, like, twenty minutes about demos or something else we don’t know anything about, Mr. Anonymous finally asked about the show. “I’m going to put it all on my blog,” Kanye mused thoughtfully. Listen, Kanye, you’re more than welcome to join the Fug Girls posse. We’re pretty sure we could use your perspective around here.

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Fug Girls Pleasantly Surprised by Olsen and Richie’s Cuteness at Proenza