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Fugs Never to Forgive Diane Kruger for Not Bringing Pacey to Hilfiger

When we got to Tommy Hilfiger, we spied girl-about-town/fashion correspondent Leigh Lezark standing outside drinking yet another giant cup of coffee, slumped over and looking like she was just waiting for the warm embrace of sweet death. Welcome to the end of Fashion Week, kid.

However, the celebs inside, who presumably got to cool their heels backstage for a while, looked a bit more fresh-faced. Diane Kruger came out wearing a crazy getup of a polka-dot skirt, a plaid shirt, and over-the-knee leather boots. From the neck up, she looked amazing. Otherwise, she resembled a stewardess for Saucy Librarian Airlines. Our enthusiasm at the Kruger sighting died down considerably when we realized that she did not have boyfriend Josh “Pacey Witter” Jackson in tow. Would it have killed him to make an appearance? We’re so very tired. When Diet Coke no longer numbs the pain, a little Pacey would probably go a long way.

Kruger was the meat in a Hilary Swank–John Legend sandwich. Legend looked basically dapper, although the red tie hanging out over his sweater kind of evoked an unrolled tongue. Swank, on the other hand, really needs to rethink her super-short blonde hairdo. Unless she’s about to reprise her The Next Karate Kid role in The Next Karate Kid: Just One of the Boys — and we hope she is — it’s looking a little severe. Michael Pitt could also use a hair intervention, because his messy, longish hair made him look a bit hangdog. But maybe he was just sad that he missed a possible reunion with his Dawson’s Creek co-star (ahem, DIANE; we may never forgive that girl). Pitt’s quasi-bob, however, does lessen his resemblance to Leonard DiCaprio, which must have pleased attendee Bar Refaeli, as it made her less likely to make out with him accidentally and thus kick off some kind of international gossip incident.

But let’s face it: All these people could take grooming lessons from ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, who was hanging out backstage with his iconic beard. Now that’s a sharp-dressed man.

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Fugs Never to Forgive Diane Kruger for Not Bringing Pacey to Hilfiger