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In Which Anna Wintour Literally Runs Out of the Tents

Anna, possibly mid-run.

Last season’s Dennis Basso show wasn’t nearly as well attended as this season’s. Front-row guests included Anna Wintour, Hamish Bowles, Ramona Singer, Ivanka Trump, and Nina Garcia, in addition to the usual bevy of socialites in Denise Rich’s inner circle. Second-row attendees, it should be noted, included Miss USA Crystle Stewart and Miss Teen USA Stevi Perry. Security was tight as per usual at the furrier’s shows (they didn’t want a DKNY, part two). Black-suited men protected each aisle from runway stormers. Anna Wintour’s bodyguard hovered a few feet away from her as she texted on her BlackBerry and chatted with Hamish before the show. But at a show like Dennis Basso’s, everyone knows everyone, so it wasn’t long before Hamish left La Wintour’s side to air-kiss and exchange, “Darling, how are you?”s with front-row socialites. Apparently no one had seen each other in ages, darling. Ages! They simply must do lunch.

When the parade of ladylike godet skirts and jackets delicately trimmed with fur ended, we saw something we had never seen before. We know Anna is usually the first person out of the room after a show (probably to escape fourth-row heathens like us eager to tape-record her insights), but we seldom pay close attention to her exit strategy. Our patience wearing thin on this fifth day of Fashion Week, we were in the market for an expert tip. As soon as Basso finished his bow, Anna jumped out of her seat and literally RAN down the runway. She didn’t wait for Hamish — far as Anna was concerned, it was every man for himself! Even more peculiar, she had a slight smile on her face as she made the dash. Maybe she was glad to get out since Real Housewife Ramona Singer sat across from her in row one and just a few seats down. Not La Wintour’s caliber of people, we imagine. Anna’s bodyguard smoothly intercepted her at the photographers’ pit, and they made it out before the crush.

We slowly dragged our asses backstage to scope out Denise Rich’s tan up close. She was surrounded by several ladies who were all wearing red. Oh, goody! The ladies in red! When they realized this delightful coincidence, they stopped planning visits to each other’s townhouses/yachts to demand Patrick McMullan take their picture. “Ladies in red! Ladies in red!” they chirped. Fashion Week is so much fun!

In Which Anna Wintour Literally Runs Out of the Tents