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Jennifer Lopez ‘Runway’-Finale Foot Injury: Bogus?

Well, this is interesting: Two days after Jennifer Lopez pulled out of the Project Runway season finale because of a foot injury, she completed a triathlon, and now Courtney Hazlett over at MSNBC is asking questions: What if Lopez didn’t really pull out because of a foot injury? So she did some digging and — whaddaya know? — unearthed some dirt. Supposedly, Hazlett reports, Lopez was upset with the Weinstein company, which produces the show. Apparently, she was hoping to get cast in an upcoming Weinstein movie but learned the day before the Runway taping that she didn’t get the part. She was so angry she decided not to do the show.

Lopez’s publicist insists Lopez pulled out of Runway because her foot needed to rest for the triathlon and that Lopez has “no issues” with Harvey Weinstein. Even so, Heidi Klum is rumored to be seething that Lopez canceled. A source tells MSNBC, “Heidi went from one big-name judge for the finale to none. It was embarrassing, especially the excuse that (Lopez) was hurt.” But Heidi has a plan to get back at Jenny From the Block: Word on the street is Lopez is throwing a birthday party for her husband, Marc Anthony, but there’s no way Heidi Klum and her husband, Seal, will attend now. Rawr?

We must confess, we’re not upset in the least that Lopez didn’t do the finale, because Tim Gunn filled in for her. And if there’s anything Project Runway needs more of, it’s Tim Gunn, especially on the judging panel. You know he’s been saving up so many similes for the occasion.

J.Lo says yes to triathlon, no to ‘Runway’ [MSNBC]

Jennifer Lopez ‘Runway’-Finale Foot Injury: Bogus?