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John McCain Spends Over $5K on Makeup

• John McCain paid American Idol makeup artist Tifanie White $5,583.43 to do his face before television appearances. Sounds like a glamorous gig! [NYP]

Dsquared2’s new fragrances HeWood and SheWood launched recently at Saks, Nordstrom, and Sephora. Who doesn’t swoon over the scent of raw lumber? [Cosmetic News]

• Christina Aguilera’s new commercial for her scent Inspiration doesn’t make any sense. She chases around a purple ball, which later bursts, releasing her perfume. If the word “inspire” in the dictionary needs a new picture to go with it… [AdFreak/Adweek]

• British, um, personality Jordan/Katie Price launched a second scent called Besotted. We didn’t even know she had a first one! [Kiss and Makeup]

• More women are getting anti-aging products for their hands. Professional hand model Ellen Sirot prevents hand aging by not cooking, cleaning, or holding hands, none of which she has done in more than ten years. Okay, lady. [NYT]

• The New York Times noticed lots of people have neck tattoos. Glad to see they’re “with it.” [NYT]

John McCain Spends Over $5K on Makeup