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Michael Phelps Explains His Style and Beauty Routine

Michael Phelps not wearing a swimsuit!Photo: WireImage

Yesterday Michael Phelps received his $1 million bonus from Speedo for winning eight gold medals. But rather than blow it on models, bottles, and $300 jeans, he’s using it to create the Michael Phelps Foundation “dedicated to growing the sport of swimming globally and encouraging active lifestyles.” Aw, that’s sweet. WWD was on hand to interview Phelps. Joe Gromak, CEO of the Warnaco Group Inc., which owns Speedo, helped Phelps answer hard-hitting questions about his style. And guess what? He’s a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of guy!

WWD: What do you wear when you are out of the pool?

M.P.: Jeans, polos, button-downs, nothing too fancy.

J.G.: He likes Calvin Klein Jeans and Underwear, I hear [which Warnaco makes].

M.P.: Yeah, I wear Diesel, Seven, D&G, Lacoste — that’s pretty much it.

That’s right, Joe — if you wanted him to say Calvin Klein on his own, you could have cut him another $1 million deal. No one would be opposed to a topless Michael Phelps Calvin Klein jeans billboard, after all.

WWD also asked the question that’s been plaguing us since gold medal No. 3: How does he deal with all that skin- and hair-damaging chlorine exposure?!

M.P.: I use Kiehl’s lotion. I don’t have much hair to wash, so I’m not picky about shampoo.

You know that’s an honest answer because he’s not even endorsing that brand! Phelps added he’s been too busy to finalize new endorsement deals but currently endorses Visa, Omega, PowerBar, Hilton, Rosetta Stone, and AT&T — all things he uses. Which means there’s a serious void in his fashion and beauty endorsement repertoire. So hop to it, industries! And someone please get him on the front row of Fashion Week. Lacoste, we’re looking at you.

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Michael Phelps Explains His Style and Beauty Routine