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Rihanna’s Clothing Line Is ‘Definitely Going to Happen’

Rihanna has casually mentioned she’d like to design a clothing line. But yesterday at the Gucci show in Milan she confirmed she’s actually going to do it. “I can’t say when it will be released, but it’s definitely going to happen,” she told WWD. “I’m not one to rush into anything. I want to take my time.” That’s nice, young RiRi. We won’t resist. We’ll just offer a few recommendations:

• Make it exclusively for Topshop if you can. It sounds better, and you can be besties with Sir Philip Green!
• Don’t try to sell it at Saks Fifth Avenue because people will just laugh at you.
• Don’t try to sell it at Forever 21, because that’s too easy.
• Please resist the temptation to make horrendously embellished over-the-knee boots.
• Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t make feather/ruffle-assed skirts happen years ago and your VMA performance can’t now so please don’t pretend people actually want to wear them.
• Don’t branch into skunk-inspired hairpieces.
• If you have a fashion show, perform at it. And invite us.

You’re welcome.

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Rihanna’s Clothing Line Is ‘Definitely Going to Happen’