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Sarah Palin Wears the Same Kind of Shoes As Paris Hilton

The Wall Street Journal today reported an interesting little tidbit: The addition of Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket has sparked a “buying frenzy” among women who want to copy her style. They want her glasses, lipstick, shoes, and even her updo. Companies are jumping at chance to cash in on the Palin craze. Take WigSalon.com, which now markets a line of Sarah Palin hairpieces:

In the past week, the company has sold about 25 Palin-esque wigs, ranging in price from $100 to the “Bargain Sarah Palin” wig for $46. “And it’s not even close to Halloween,” [WigSalon.com owner Joe] Aronesty says. Early next week, Mr. Aronesty plans to send a newsletter to his 25,000 subscribers highlighting Palin wig options and styling tips.

Even more surprising than that, though, is Palin’s choice of footwear. When John McCain introduced her as his running mate, Palin wore a pair of bright-red, peep-toe pumps with three-and-a-half-inch heels by Naughty Monkey, which is generally marketed to “women in their early to mid-20s who go clubbing.” Sales of Naughty Monkey shoes have increased by 50 percent on Amazon since Palin wore them. But there’s more.

Celebrities like Paris Hilton had been photographed in the brand’s shoes, but seldom, if ever, a 40-something politician.

[Naughty Monkey rep Jay] Randhawa plans to send Gov. Palin some additional pairs of shoes and approach her about some kind of partnership. “We have to capitalize on it pretty soon,” he says.

Paris Hilton, eh? What an interesting, er, alignment for the McCain party. As for this partnership Naughty Monkey speaks of, should we prepare ourselves for an onslaught of fashion fund-raisers for Palin? Maybe not.

CFDA executive director Stephen Kolb said he couldn’t imagine designers supporting Palin with anything close to the gusto with which they support Barack Obama. Palin has also expressed affection for Patagonia, which Patagonia has resolutely stated it shall not exploit as they have very different environmental missions. Lastly, Palin has named Escada as her favorite label, but a spokeswoman for the house told the Journal “she was unable to identify any of Gov. Palin’s outfits on the campaign trail as Escada and was unaware that the governor liked the brand.” You know who else we bet has Escada in her closet? Paris Hilton.

Palin’s Style Sparks Buying Frenzy, And Fashion Firms Rush to Cash In [WSJ]

Sarah Palin Wears the Same Kind of Shoes As Paris Hilton