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Sean Avery’s ‘Vogue’ Internship to Become a Movie

Sean “Never Quits” Avery

Sean Avery and Lauryn Flynn’s celebrity styling company might be kaput, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a movie together. Oh, yes — that’s what they’re doing. Lauryn, Burberry’s director of celebrity services, will co-produce a movie currently in development at New Line Cinema about Sean’s fashion-industry adventures as a star hockey player, including his Vogue internship. But we haven’t even told you the best part, which is the genre of the film: romantic comedy. We can see it now: Sean has his eye on a sexy but underhanded editor who misrepresents herself to win his heart. Meanwhile, a nerdy, nice girl who’s really pretty behind her glasses longs to steal his attention from Nasty Nancy. Humorous antics ensue when the nerdy girl takes a trip to the fashion closet and finds sexy Sean posing shirtless for MensVogue.com. All hot and bothered, she hilariously bumps into stuff and spills coffee! (We don’t know why we’re not the screenwriters, either.)

Flynn brought the idea to her brother, a producer who worked on Journey to the Center of the Earth and is producing the Avery flick. Stan Chervin has been hired to write the screenplay. And Sean would like you to know that being into fashion doesn’t make him a pansy. “I think it’s great to be into something that you care about,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “But I’m still an athlete who likes to beat the crap out of people.” Amen.

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Sean Avery’s ‘Vogue’ Internship to Become a Movie