Suede Bolsters ‘Runway’ Fame, Explains the Third-Person Thing

Suede got kicked off Project Runway this week, but he won’t go quietly into the annals of Best Week Ever. When Buddy TV asked him what’s next for him, he replied, “The world is next for me.” Yes, seize that fifteen minutes and maybe you can stretch it to twenty! He added that “so many doors have opened” thanks to Project, and he’s even doing a charity event next week with Ashley Judd and Annie Lennox (did we say Best Week Ever? We meant I Love the 90s). Also, he’ll be “dressing people, looking more into film and TV.” He even constructed a neat new Website,, which takes you straight to his MySpace page and Facebook fan page. A reality-TV castoff has to market himself, after all!

We know you’re all dying to know if his clever manner of referring to himself in the third person will last into these new ventures. Now, when we met Suede, the third-person thing seemed like pure posturing. The lengthy Buddy TV interview further supports our theory, as he didn’t refer to himself in the third person once. Buddy TV asked Suede to explain it.

Well last question, you definitely got a lot of attention this season for talking about yourself in the third person. What is that about, can you explain it to me?
I certainly can explain it. It’s fun, it’s not meant to be taken so seriously, it’s cheeky, and let’s face it, we’re living in a world right now where the economy has gone into hell in a hand basket, our environment is in a lot of trouble, and the world is just not a great place, we’re still at war. If I can throw some humor out of speaking in third person, it’s really not that serious, and I think we have a lot bigger issues in this world to worry about than what tense I’m speaking in.

Hmmmm … He might be right. Like, why the hell does Kenley think she’s the bee’s knees?

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Suede Bolsters ‘Runway’ Fame, Explains the Third-Person Thing