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The Tale of Anna Wintour and a Possible Freudian Slip

The buzz about Anna Wintour’s imminent replacement hasn’t sat well with us. If she had a fan club and we were in the market for an extracurricular activity, we would damn well be president of it. We feel a tingle of excitement every time an Anna Wintour Google Alert trickles into our in-box. We read the Jerry Oppenheimer biography of her twice. We don’t want to see Her Bobness dethroned and disoriented, wandering the West Village in Oscar de la Renta with no place to go. We want her to flourish with many a hot tennis player on her arm. But today the New York Post reports S.I. Newhouse isn’t happy that Elle’s October issue has 66 more pages of advertising than Vogue’s. Vogue isn’t necessarily losing money because of new ventures like their Internet reality show Model.Live. But Vogue’s publisher — not Anna — cooked up that idea. Recent speculation about Anna’s replacement has centered on Russian Vogue editor Aliona Doletskaya. The Post reports:

At a party for Russian GQ earlier this week in Moscow, one attendee told Page Six, “The event’s announcer introduced [Russian Vogue editrix Aliona Doletskaya] as ‘The next editor of American Vogue.’”

Blasphemy! But still, as much as we want Anna to maintain her position in the public eye, we concede it wouldn’t hurt her to rethink a few things over at Vogue. Like a Vogue reality show starring her. That would boost ad pages.


The Tale of Anna Wintour and a Possible Freudian Slip