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Boucheron Party: Tinsley Rejected at Velvet Rope; Lily Not Dating Phelps

Not every luminary confined himself to Marc Jacobs–related events last night. A few famous folks went all the way down to the South Street Seaport for Boucheron’s 150th-anniversary party at Spiegelworld. Nicole Richie strutted to and fro on the dock, snapping pictures of Brooklyn and her slight male companion. As she declined to do interviews, an almost-empty Champagne glass dangled discreetly from her hand behind her (and yes — it looked to have Champagne in it, God forbid). Then we spotted Tinsley Mortimer with a group of what we suppose were her friends, though they were dressed far more casually than she. They snapped a few photos with Tinz, but after she’d had enough of their pleasantries, she decided that she wanted to go into the special Boucheron tent, which was technically the site of the party and where the open bar was. But there was a problem. “I think I need a stamp!” she said.

One of the gentleman in the group kindly licked the back of his stamped hand and pressed it to Tinsley’s (just like you used to do to sneak into college bars under age!), reassuring her it probably wouldn’t matter anyway. Her drink almost empty, she approached the tent guarded by two girls in black dresses and a bouncer. That saliva must not have transferred the stamp too well because she was promptly turned away. She fled to the other side of the dock and struck up a conversation with a man in a beige suit.

Later, Lily Donaldson flitted in with some fellow tall, skinny people. Was that rumor about her dating Michael Phelps true? “I’ve never actually met him,” she told us. “I’m very flattered by the rumor, and I wish him all the best.” It was certainly a gracious answer (unlike the response from his other rumored lover, Amanda Beard), albeit a disappointing one. Even so, we’re still holding out for a Phelps sighting before this fashion circus ends. We still have four whole days to go!

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Boucheron Party: Tinsley Rejected at Velvet Rope; Lily Not Dating Phelps