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Victoria Beckham Unveils Her New Fancy Dress Line

Stores are dropping Victoria Beckham’s denim line like sweat beads at an Alexander Wang after-party. But that didn’t stop the Poshster from invading Manhattan and bringing her new frock line with her. She showed off her new fancy dress collection to the lucky folks at WWD. We’d tell you what it’s called, but WWD only reports the labels on the clothes say both “Victoria Beckham” and “dVb” so it’s kind of unclear. Nonetheless, Posh talked up her work with the jargon of a fashion-industry vet — which she undoubtedly is. WWD reports:

“Structure is an important word to use when discussing my collection,” said Beckham, who is expected to grace Marc Jacobs’ front row on Monday. “The corsets and belts that have been incorporated into my dresses have been made in such a way that they are comfortable and supportive. My clothes are designed for women from a woman’s perspective.”

Ah yes, what woman doesn’t absolutely delight in the comfort of a corset? They’re like wrapping oneself in down pillows, after all. More from Posh:

“I like to focus on the posture of a woman and how she holds herself, which led me to incorporate features such as modern corsetry and grosgrain details,” she said. “… In addition, there are finer grosgrain belts that are incorporated into the line of the softer constructed dresses to give this effect in a more subtle way, thus enabling women of all sizes to wear my dresses to create a magnificent silhouette.”

Translation: My dresses will make all women look skinny! And if anyone knows skinny, it’s Posh Spice. The pieces will wholesale for $600 to $1,400, which means if you buy one, it will cost a lot more than that. Other looks include … oh, hell. Does it really matter?

Victoria Beckham Launches Dress Collection [WWD]

Update: We’re wrong on the matter of several stores dropping Beckham’s line — to our knowledge, it’s just Kitson, and the line is carried at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Maxfields and Fred Segal.

Victoria Beckham Unveils Her New Fancy Dress Line