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Vivienne Westwood to Release an Album!

The great Vivienne Westwood and her new CD.Photo: Getty Images

Hey, if musicians can make clothing lines, there’s no reason designers can’t make CDs: Vivienne Westwood will release a compilation album, Catwalk Breakdown, on September 15. British Vogue reports Westwood conceptualized, curated, and art-directed the album, giving us all a reason to go to an actual physical store where CDs are sold and buy the album, plastic case, cellophane wrapping, and all. The album includes sixteen of Westwood’s favorite songs, like “Last Night Was Made for Love,” by Billy Fury, and Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers. Westwood told British Vogue:

It’s like music therapy! When Fashion Week ends, we might need a little of that to ease our mourning. We can only listen to “Why Do All Good Things Come to an End?,” by Nelly Furtado, so many times.

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Vivienne Westwood to Release an Album!