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What the ‘Project Runway’ Lawsuit Means for ‘Project Runway’

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Last week a judge halted the move of Project Runway from Bravo to Lifetime, ruling Bravo’s owner NBC should have gotten the right to match Lifetime’s offer. This brings forth a hurricane of questions: Is the guest appearance Lindsay Lohan already taped for the next season all for naught? Could Runway’s sixth season move from L.A. to New York, where it belongs? Is Marie Claire’s new role as sponsor in jeopardy? No, no, and no! Taping of season six will go ahead as planned through mid-October. The show’s just temporarily homeless. So LiLo stays! And advertisers aren’t even fretting. “I don’t think anybody is freaking out, because the show is still being produced,” an anonymous top television buyer told WWD.

The only thing hanging in the balance for sponsors is money spent on product placement, which “could disappear if the show disappears,” the buyer said. NBC and the Weinstein Co. are scheduled to return to court on October 15 for a hearing. That is, if they don’t settle out of court before then, which could happen quickly to ensure season six airs. The buyer adds, “I would not be surprised if money were exchanged between the two networks.” For the love of Heidi Klum’s stress-line-free forehead, pay ‘em off NBC!

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What the ‘Project Runway’ Lawsuit Means for ‘Project Runway’