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What You’ll Eat at Isaac Mizrahi’s House

Isaac Mizrahi showed at noon, so he must have been ready for lunch. The designer recently granted an interview to the debut issue of thinking man’s food magazine, Edible Manhattan. The mag’s not out just yet (the launch party is September 17), but we got our hands on an early copy. Below, what we learned about Mizrahi’s kitchen.

• “In my twenties I bought Mastering the Art of French Cooking because I loved the photo of Julia Child and the little French man in the big toque.”

• On Worcestershire sauce: “I love it. It’s like granny’s panties.”

• “I make something called World-Famous Frittata, though no one’s heard of it.”

• “All you have to do is bake a potato and put caviar on it and you have men falling at your feet.”

Edible Manhattan [Official site]

What You’ll Eat at Isaac Mizrahi’s House