Scary, Hairy Jewelry Proliferates

The Paris spring runways were covered in hair, from sky-high wigs to Cousin Itt wannabes. Well, that trend already seems to be catching on. Above you see a smattering of accessories made from human hair. What, you don’t want to sport an eyelash necklace? We’ll admit the idea of wearing someone else’s hair is a tad creepy. But it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so get used to it. And maybe you, too, will embrace that deliciously icky feeling of random hair on your face. Here’s what’s pictured above.

Eyelash Necklace
This sterling-silver necklace by jewelry designer Stephanie Simek models a fringe of lashes made of sterilized human hair.
Price: $45
Where to Buy: The New Museum Store

The original “Hairrings” (earrings made of hair, har-har) by Bijules are available in four different shades of synthetic strands and come with a comb to ward off tangles.
Price: $198 per pair
Where to Buy: Court and Cry Wolf

Melanie Bilenker Brooches
Bilenker’s gold and ebony pieces are created with hair drawings inlaid in resin (it’s her own hair, if you’re wondering).
Price: $2,300 for the “A Letter” brooch
Where to Buy: The New Museum Store

Braided Band
This headband by Bijules is made of synthetic hair and comes in platinum blonde or brown. Each is decked with gold ball chains.
Price: $325
Where to Buy: Court

Tricolor Harrings
These earrings are made from human hair, braided and dyed in unnatural shades.
Price: $286 per pair
Where to Buy: Pixie Market

This chignon comes in black, brown, or streaked with blue highlights and can be worn as either a pin or a pillbox hat.
Price: $229 to $275
Where to Buy: Pixie Market

Scary, Hairy Jewelry Proliferates