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Courtney Cox Has a Love-Hate Relationship With Botox

• Courtney Cox admits to getting Botox in the new issue of Marie Claire. “It’s fantastic and also horrible.” Horrible, she says, because she didn’t like how she couldn’t move her face. Who needs emotions anyway? Oh, right. Actors. [Bella Sugar]

• Paris could revolutionize our shoe-shopping experience. Right now, you can get pedicures in — drumroll please — shoe boutiques. Brilliant. [Lucky]

• Lippmann’s four-color nail polish holiday collection nailed (zing!) three out of four colors: The black, red, and pearlized champagne are divine. But the chunky, glittery brown Superstar shade is, well, tacky. [All Lacquered Up]

• Marshmallows are good for your hair because they contain moisturizing ingredients like vitamins A and C. Yes, we agree — sugar is good for every part of our body. [Beauty Counter/]

• A new vintage hairstyling book is out that teaches you how to modernize the forties pinup looks. So you can look like Kenley from Project Runway! [Teen Vogue]

Courtney Cox Has a Love-Hate Relationship With Botox