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Bravo Developing Five New Fashion-Themed Reality Shows

You know why we love Bravo? Because when you tell that network to jump, it asks “How high?” They just announced the development of five fashion- and lifestyle-themed reality shows. These were undoubtedly cooked up to fill the considerable void left by Project Runway, which may end up on Lifetime. The new projects come on top of Fashion House, a fashion designer competition show in which contestants work in teams to create full clothing lines. We think that and the five new shows sound fabulously entertaining. They are:

1. Fashionality - Variety reports this show “will feature New York tastemakers conducting roundtable discussions and interviews on topics centering around pop culture and fashion.” Read: Fashion’s answer to those annoying political pundit shows.

2. Celebrity Sew-Off - This “features well-knowns cutting and hemming their own clothes in a design competition.” Read: Dancing with the Stars, but with people doing things we’re actually interested in.

3. Double Exposure - “A docu-style series that follows art and fashion photog Markus Klinko as he shoots his famous subjects.” Read: Fabulous clothes, rock stars, and nipple slips.

4. Polo - This docu series profiles the lives of top polo players. Read: Desperate Hamptons housewives contemplate how to get a piece.

5. The Dubai Projects - This show “showcases the lavish lifestyles found in one of the world’s fastest-growing cities.” Read: Shameless spending runs amok. Plus: the Cavalli Club! We can feel the bass bumpin’ already.

This may screw us out of some free posters, but you know what, Bravo? We officially forgive you for Shear Genius and Top Design.

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Bravo Developing Five New Fashion-Themed Reality Shows