Daul Kim: ‘I Like to Fork Myself’

Recently, 19-year-old model Daul Kim landed herself in a heap of trouble for posting dirty (but playfully sexy) Polaroids of herself with a shirtless man holding i-D magazine and a guitar in a fornicating fashion. Um, that’s what models do — they pose for pictures. (Her mom made her take them down.) But there’s a bigger point to be made here: Daul Kim has a blog! And we need to give her snappity snaps for it. We’ve been fans since she launched it last year, and since then each post is nothing short of amazing. And not just because it’s named I Like to Fork Myself (although that’s one reason).

She also posts pictures of herself in hilarious yoga poses, cartoon characters of meatheads, joyous praise for Martin Margiela clothes, and poetic entries that only sorta make sense. Example:

“WOW THE BASS is so loud that it is making shadows on the light … cool”/ and then like … 10 min later/ utak is like/ “shit fire”/ the light bulb burned the pillow/ and it was on fire/ i was like … okay … / lets not use the water in the cup because it is vodka … / and utak just hit the burning pillow with his palm/ and it died eventually./ and after that we slept on that pillow./ we didnt think so much/ and then the next day when we woke up we were like/ wow./ we almost could have died./ if we fell asleept earlier we could have burned/ it would have been quite … weird if we woke up the next day/ and we are in a different dimention./ and its kind of romantic and retarded and no regrets./ also so strange a light bulb burning a pillow.

Oh, and to the haters who yelled at her (via comments) about her dirty Polaroids, she says: “im just having fun with my french gay boys…” What a perfectly legitimate excuse. Daul, can we be best friends? We can talk about blogging!

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I Like to Fork Myself

Daul Kim: ‘I Like to Fork Myself’