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Did Sarah Palin Actually Get $150,000 Worth of Clothes?

Nope, no Yohji here.

Well, this is interesting: A few purchases made as part of Sarah Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe are untraceable. Some stores listed on the expense report were unable to find records of the RNC’s purchases, many of which were made by Republican consultant Jeff Larson. Larson supposedly charged $4,902.45 at Atelier New York, a men’s store that carries clothes by — get this — Raf Simons, Yohji Yamamoto, and Ann Demeulemeester. The purchases were supposedly for Sarah’s husband, Todd, but he obviously isn’t rolling around town in Yohji. Atelier owner Carlo Steel couldn’t find a record of a purchase of that amount made in September. “We have no recollection of that sale and no idea what they are talking about,” he told the New York Times. He did find one sale close to that amount in August, but Steel knew who made it and it was neither Todd nor Larson. A similar situation occurred at high-end children’s boutique Pacifier in Minneapolis, where two $98 purchases were made. The owners were able to confirm one of the charges made at the store was for Palin’s infant, Trig. But the other $98 the store had on record was for a Ramones T-shirt, a striped hoodie, and pants with a tiger on it for a 2-year-old. You know who doesn’t have a 2-year-old? Sarah Palin!

So … what gives, RNC? Is someone with excellent taste charging things for himself? Although we’d like to think if a guy in the McCain camp was wearing Demeulemeester, someone would’ve noticed by now.

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Did Sarah Palin Actually Get $150,000 Worth of Clothes?