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Movie Rumors: Winslet to Play Westwood; Moss Movie Imminent

Kates Winslet and Moss

Two big fashion-movie rumors have sprouted in Europe. First, Kate Winslet will reportedly play Vivienne Westwood in a biopic about the designer’s life. British Marie Claire reports that Westwood’s managing director told guests on the front row of Westwood’s Gold Label show in Paris Monday night, “Kate Winslet will play Vivienne from the 70s to present day.” Universal is the rumored producer of the film, but neither the studio nor Winslet would confirm anything. Bollocks.

Second, Grazia is reporting the gang behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall is putting together a script based on — get this — the antics of Kate Moss and her posse. Apparently Marshall star and generally amusing chap Russell Brand told filmmakers Moss’s socializing and catfights spelled cinematic magic. Which, in these people’s hands, it most likely would. As long as Brand plays Pete Doherty and, oh, Tara Reid plays Moss. That girl probably needs a job anyway.

Winslet to play Vivienne Westwood [British Marie Claire]
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Movie Rumors: Winslet to Play Westwood; Moss Movie Imminent