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Nars Lipstick Now Comes With Condoms; Heidi Klum Has Wings

• Nars’ Safer Set includes two condoms and their famous peach-colored Orgasm cream stick for eyes, lips, and cheeks. Makeup and condoms go hand in hand. [Beauty Addict]

Heidi Klum launched her Heidi Klum Collection for Very Sexy Makeup by Victoria’s Secret last week wearing fairy wings. Classy. [Asos Today]

• Germaphobes unite! If sticking your dirty fingers in potted lip gloss grosses you out, melt the contents in the microwave and pour into a lip-gloss tube to avoid finger dipping. It’s like makeup arts and crafts. [BellaSugar]

• Estée Lauder’s new Pleasure fragrance ads feature Gwyneth Paltrow lounging in a grassy field with a guitar with the words “I live for moments like this.” We live for alone time with our guitar, too. [Off the Rack/People]

• Sarah Jessica Parker’s launching another scent collection called Lovely Moments, including Dawn, Endless, and Twilight. The time-inspired fragrance trio will be sold only on HSN and at Ulta. [WWD]

• Makeup brand Trish McEvoy just launched a Precious Oud, a scent made with incense, patchouli, natural sandalwood, rose, musk, and amber. Get yours today at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom for $100. [Now Smell This]

Nars Lipstick Now Comes With Condoms; Heidi Klum Has Wings