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Hedi Slimane’s Photography Career Rages On

Slimane’s work in VMan

Hedi Slimane just signed with Art + Commerce, an agency that represents photographers, stylists, hairstylists, and makeup artists. So he’s evidently going to keep up the photography thing instead of the designing-clothes thing for some time. And oh, in case you missed it, he also “created an original furniture system for Comme des Garçons,” according to the press release Art + Commerce just sent out.

The ex–Dior Homme designer has shot spreads for magazines like French Vogue, VMan, and Purple and released nine books, including one about London’s music scene as Pete Doherty sees it. Following around Pete Doherty sounds a lot dirtier and scarier than designing clothes, but to each his own. We just feel rather jarred by this announcement since Slimane recently hinted he plans to return to design soon, saying he’s in talks with secret parties about starting his own label. Maybe that was just a big fat tease since he’s doing everything but designing clothes. Next thing you know he’ll be designing limited-edition iPhones and yacht interiors and photographing them for the Slimane Living coffee-table book. Which would actually be quite marvelous, but alas, not wearable. Sigh.

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Hedi Slimane’s Photography Career Rages On