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Iman Calls Palin’s $150K Wardrobe ‘Ridiculous’; Helena Christensen Hadn’t Even Heard About It!

Richard Prince

Could last night’s season premiere of BET’s Real Life Divas have been a more perfectly named occasion to talk about Sarah Palin’s $150K wardrobe? We’ve heard from both campaigns, political strategists, scholars, journalists, psychologists, and their hamsters about the infamous shopping spree, but last night we caught up with the real experts, supermodels Iman and Helena Christensen. “It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” said Iman. “But then I thought about being a woman. And I thought, That’s very possible! But the clothes she’s wearing don’t say $150,000. It doesn’t even look like $100.” Iman could justify the expense of Cindy McCain’s clothing “because she wears all Oscar de la Renta, but Palin? Those suits don’t look like $150,000 to me.” What did they look like? “Maybe they were Express for $150,000.”

When we asked Helena if she had seen that the McCain camp spent $150K on Palin’s threads, she replied, “No.” But! “I love the way women are always being, like, literally put on trial for how much money they spend on their wardrobes. Let’s talk about how much money men spend on their cars. As soon as a woman becomes slightly famous, they ask, ‘How much is she spending?’ And they turn into a very bad thing.” Well, John Edwards did earn a good deal of scrutiny for his $400 haircuts. “When it comes to politics,” she continued, “I think that people are being way too nosy and basically digging way too deep in their personal lives.”

But really — she hadn’t heard about this?

Iman Calls Palin’s $150K Wardrobe ‘Ridiculous’; Helena Christensen Hadn’t Even Heard About It!