Jeweler Nina Stotler Can’t Live Without Pho Soup

Nina Stotler is one of those multitasker who makes us all feel incredibly lazy. With multiple careers behind her, including trend reporting for stylesight.com and market editor for Anthem magazine, she’s now just relaunched her quirky, hard-edged jewelry line, Von Kottwitz, originally started a few years ago. And she already has celebrity fans: Alicia Keys wore her pieces in the “No One” video. We grabbed some time with her to talk about her latest collection, Ann Demeulemeester boots, and her love of Vietnamese soup.

Your latest collection, Industry, features nuts, bolts, snake chains, and crystal strands. What was your inspiration?
Growing up, I spent a lot of time in Berlin and was struck by the Bauhaus movement of the time — its innovative, restrained aesthetic. I also am particularly interested in the lush visual art of Banks Violette. His work is very dark, very hard-edged, and addresses issues of anger and death. For me, the hardware works as a signifier of machinery and metalcraft — and of a rough functionality that feels increasingly relevant as the world becomes more virtual and unstable.

Who is the type of girl to wear Von Kottwitz?
Von Kottwitz is statement jewelry. She doesn’t wear much embellishment or texture but wants the jewelry to be the centerpiece.

The Convertible necklacePhoto: Courtesy of Nina Stotler

Is there a signature piece to the collection?
Yes. The BIB necklace. They come in both gold and silver and sit high on the collarbone. They are more akin to an ornament rather than just jewelry!

Any favorites in the collection?
A piece called the Convertible. It can be really long or really short. It also doubles up as a belt loop adding a more unisex and functional aspect to my work.

How would you describe your own personal style?
Plain and simple. Lots of neutral colors.

Who are your favorite designers right now?
I love Ann Demeulemeester and Yohji Yamamoto. I am also a fan of some of the smaller London designers, such as Marios Schwab, who are being creative, doing their own thing! I like the way the Londoners dress — not too precious, a little bit disheveled.

Is there something in particular you are lusting after right now?
At the moment I am really into flats. Ann Demeulemeester is doing some knee-high, tough-looking lace-up boots which I love.

What trends do you like right now?
I think there is a current lean towards dressing more simply — focusing on quality and construction. I like that. It allows the individual to come through and leaves room to play with accessorizing.

What trends do you wish would just go away?
I would like to see a move away from vintage. Companies such as Urban Outfitters, H&M, etc. have overused it, completely taking away its authenticity.

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?
I am a huge fan of the tux on women. It merges masculine and feminine sensibilities.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?
Pho Vietnamese soup!

Jeweler Nina Stotler Can’t Live Without Pho Soup