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Lawsuit Majorly Delays Sixth Season of ‘Project Runway’

Project Runway has almost finished taping its sixth season in L.A., but we probably won’t see it in January as scheduled. Late last month a judge ruled Project Runway cannot air on Lifetime as planned since NBC has rights to the show over that network. Since the show’s homeless, it can’t air as scheduled, which means we’ll probably have to wait until late summer to see the next season so the designers can show at September Fashion Week. Had things gone according to plan, we’d have seen them at February Fashion Week. On the upside, the designers have a really long time to work on their collections so they should be stunners. Emphasis on should.

In a statement, Lifetime seemed confident it would eventually snag the program. Indeed, they were already planning a spinoff, Models of the Runway, which they’ve had to stop work on as a result of the suit. But if the show doesn’t wind up on Lifetime, it certainly won’t air on Bravo — Judge Richard B. Lowe noted in his ruling that Runway’s executive producer, Harvey Weinstein, has “a particular dislike” for Bravo head Lauren Zalaznick — however, it could wind up on NBC’s prime-time schedule.

While all this legal mumbo jumbo is going on, Heidi Klum continues to insist the show won’t change. However, every time she does one of these interviews, she drops in one (not so) little thing about how the show will in fact be entirely different than we know it now. She tells the L.A. Times that Michael Kors and Nina Garcia won’t appear on every episode of season six. We’re guessing that’s because they filmed in L.A. and Michael and Nina have to be in New York because they work in the fashion industry which is here, not in L.A., thank you very much.

In sum, at first the show was going to be partially filmed in L.A., then the show was going to be entirely filmed in L.A., then it was going to get a face-lift, and now two of our favorite Runway people are only going to be there part-time. And now it’s without a network so it’s not airing anywhere. Oh, damn you, Lifetime!

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Lawsuit Majorly Delays Sixth Season of ‘Project Runway’