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Lifetime Enters the ‘Project Runway’ Lawsuit, Delays Air Date Further

Project Runway is such a mess these days. On Friday Lifetime got involved in the Project Runway lawsuit, applying to move it from state to federal court. NBC had sued the Weinstein Company for handing the show over to Lifetime when NBC claimed it had a right to first refusal. A judge agreed with NBC on that last month, leaving Project Runway homeless and probably off the air for a whole year. But with the move to federal court, the suit will probably take even longer than that! Lifetime filed the move because they say the suit related to federal copyright law. NBC says Lifetime filed the move hours before the judge was set to announce a trial schedule and is trying to keep the suit in state court.

But here’s where it gets awkward: Filming of the sixth season just wrapped in L.A. So this would be the time finalists go off to their houses to make collections for Fashion Week. What if the lawsuit prevents the show from airing until winter and have to shoot at next February’s Fashion Week instead of in September? Horrors!

As far as what’s been filmed, expected guest judges include Rebecca Romijn, Eva Longoria, and Lindsay Lohan. Also, production didn’t use the real Mood Fabrics in L.A. because it was an hour away from shooting sites. So some Mood scenes were filmed at a fake storefront. But what’s worse is Nina Garcia and Michael Kors reportedly make only a “handful” of appearances and hardly appear together. So if they’re not judging very much, who’s captaining that ship? Heidi Klum? We hope she had Tim help her with some puns.


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Lifetime Enters the ‘Project Runway’ Lawsuit, Delays Air Date Further