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Michelle Obama Chooses Fast Fashion

We hope his contract includes personal “scratch ‘n sniff” appearances.

Spotted: Michelle Obama wearing an H&M dress! BlackBook reports Obama wore the “Narciso Rodriguez–esque” dress while campaigning in Detroit, Michigan. Her sartorial choice was likely made in keeping with the current economic spirit as many might not find it prudent for our potential First Ladies to run around in designer outfits that cost $313,000. In other ironic words — as much as a house. We’ve also heard rumors that Michelle has shied away from appearing in luxury fashion magazines because she doesn’t want to be photographed in outlandishly priced outfits. She also insisted on wearing her own clothes for her October More cover. Indeed, Michelle’s remained committed to keeping her wardrobe down-to-earth throughout the campaign. This perhaps first created a media frenzy when she wore a dress from White House Black Market on The View. That dress began selling out instantly. So maybe pictures from this rally will help H&M out a little bit. Their stock ain’t doing so well these days.

Now if only Michelle would be our best girlfriend for a couple of hours when we wait on line for H&M’s Comme des Garçons collection to go on sale. We can drink hot chocolate and giggle together for the cameras! With our “Change” buttons on, obvi.

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Michelle Obama Chooses Fast Fashion