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It’s Time to Start Wearing a Watch Again

Remember when you didn’t always have a cell phone and looked at a watch for the time? Prehistoric, we know. But you can’t let a cell phone steal your time-telling flavor. Especially when watches are the new “It” item and therefore more stylish than ever before. Our latest Shop-A-Matic features 125 watches, in analog and digital styles. With 57 of those under $200, you’ll surely find one that fits your budget. And for the dreamers, there’s also a $26,500 Chanel watch. Just something to aspire to. Check out our top six picks after the jump.

Turntable Watch by Tokidoki
Why we like it: The vinyl rotates as each second ticks by, instead of a traditional second hand. You read the time on the left side, and it resembles an old-fashioned radio dial.

Icon Watch by & Design
Price: $75
Why we like it: We love the old-school pixelated design. Plus it’s unisex.

O-Ring by S+arck With Fossil
Price: $125
Why we like it: Digital meets analog in this modern Philippe Stark timepiece. The number indicates the hour, and each dark segment represents a minute.

Turquoise Bangle Watch by Michael Kors
Price: $350
Why we like it: The bright turquoise and subtle rhinestones make this watch as pretty as any bangle.

Harrison Watch by ESQ Swiss
Price: $295
Why we like it: Classic bracelet style, this ESQ Swiss watch is a perfect gift because it matches any suit.

The Rotolog by Nixon
Price: $225
Why we like it: The faux-wood makes this sporty, casual watch more polished.

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It’s Time to Start Wearing a Watch Again