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Video: Fox News Wants Sarah Palin to Be Photoshopped Like a Supermodel

Did you know the folks at Fox News are experts in retouching? Neither did we! They’re upset with Newsweek for not Photoshopping the cover shot of Sarah Palin’s face on this week’s issue. “It highlights every imperfection that every human being has. But we’re talking unwanted facial hair, pores, wrinkles. This is a gross slap in the face to Sarah Palin,” says Republican media consultant Andrea Tantaros. She claims the covers of Barack Obama are more flattering. Then anchor Megyn Kelly offers her two cents on retouching, asserting, “That’s what they do in the magazine business. They didn’t do it for Sarah Palin.” Actually they did. Click through for a larger shot of the cover in question and the video.

Did you enjoy that? Now here’s the cover:

So has it been Photoshopped? Of course it has! Three things stand out to us:

• There are no fine lines extending out from the corners of her eyes. Everyone has those past 30.

• Notice the muddiness on her nose. The way the light is shining on her face, it ought to leave a bright shiny spot on the side of her schnoz. But it’s a different color than the rest of her face.

• This is a woman under incredible pressure, and her face is basically blemish-free. Surely that bright-ass light would reveal every bump and imperfection.

So maybe it’s not Photoshopped a lot, just not Photoshopped well.

Fox News: How DARE You Not Airbrush Sarah Palin’s Face?!? [Feministing]

Video: Fox News Wants Sarah Palin to Be Photoshopped Like a Supermodel