Fashion Companies Capitalize on the Election, and It’s Not Pretty
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Fashion Companies Capitalize on the Election, and It’s Not Pretty

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Election Apparel

Photo: Hotflops
These Electionflops "let you vote - with your feet!" For $30, you can make puns just by putting on shoes.
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Election Apparel

Photo: TOMS
TOMS' "Vote" shoes allow undecided voters to express their election enthusiasm. They'd also look smashing with a bathrobe.
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Election Apparel

Photo: BYLU
You could buy a $5 bangle on the street and a paint pen and make your own Obama bracelet. Or you could spend $100 on one of these by BYLU.
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Election Apparel

Photo: Turchin Love & Light
These tees by Turchin Love & Light cost $90 each. Their press release boasts, "No matter where your loyalties lie, you're spreading the right message." A shiny gold one at that.
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Election Apparel

Photo: Hidalgo
These stacked rings by Hidalgo are, um, fetching, aren't they? Surely you'd have no trouble shelling out $1,350 for the Obama or Palin rings. And then $1,100 to $1,260 for each of the smaller gold-and-diamond guards for the full flashy effect. After all, don't you want to literally ring in the election?
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Election Apparel

Photo: Hidalgo
If name rings aren't your thing, these animal rings, also by Hidalgo, scream taste, don't they? The donkey and elephant rings are $1,100 each, while the red-enamel stackers are $473 each.
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Election Apparel

Photo: Coque Tees Designs Inc.
That's right, you can get a T-shirt with this pretty image on it. Great conversation starter for your next block party.
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Election Apparel

Photo: Kid Robot
Okay, we actually don't mind this Kidrobot T-shirt. Except we normally don't spend $40 on workout tops.


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