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What Leanne, Korto, and Kenley Are Really Like

We feel like we know the Project Runway contestants personally by now. Korto’s the girl who’s nicer than her perpetually pouty face would suggest, Leanne’s the girl who’s more outgoing than she looks, and Kenley’s the girl who’s just as obnoxious/crazy as the green feathery head thingy she wore for last night’s season finale (like, can’t you all too easily imagine her losing her mind after the show and batting at the dangly stuff like a cat?). Granted these are judgments based solely on watching them on reality television, which we all know more often than not is far from real. But it sounds like Bravo accurately depicted the season-five finalists. Bluefly merchandiser Mindy Dorf was charged with accessorizing the final runway shows. She even had to contact the designers over phone and email in advance before they returned to New York. She judged them in the process, natch, and then ingeniously blogged about the experience.

I had to hunt Kenley down ‘cause she never called — and then when I finally made contact, she let me know I woke her up. Nice start. Months later, the producers randomly put a mic on me and asked me to go down to the workroom to deliver Kenley her shoes. (I guess they knew there may be some drama afoot) As predicted, she totally lost it, was super sassy and dismissed me sight unseen saying she had everything she needed, thank you very much. Nice finish.
Korto wasn’t so responsive either. When we finally made contact though, we managed to fill out her collection with some great shoes.
Leanne was the best of them — the easiest to work with. She ended up picking one style, a Nanette Lepore woven sandal, and using it across the board for all her models.

She may have played nice on Live With Regis and Kelly, but now we know Kenley’s nasty deep down inside. Oxygen should really cash in on that and give her her own show while people still remember her. Or at least put her in the Bad Girls Club, if that’s still around.

Bluefly’s Double 0 Dorf Brings You the Project Runway Scoop! [Flypaper/Bluefly]

What Leanne, Korto, and Kenley Are Really Like