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Christian Siriano Might Dress Pussycat Dolls, Dishes on Lost ‘Runway’ Scenes

Last we heard from Christian Siriano, he was having a rough time selling pieces from his new label in this economic climate. But some celebrity exposure could soon come his way. He tells TV Guide he’s designed some pieces for Anne Hathaway and might do something for Debra Messing. Also: “I may do something with the Pussycat Dolls, which is fun… it’s totally different. I like mixes.” The Pussycat Dolls? On the one hand, they could certainly use help from someone like Christian in the wardrobe department. On the other hand, we’d rather see his talents put to use for ladies who don’t wear bras as tops.

And since we’re not going to see new episodes of Project Runway anytime soon, we may as well reminisce about Christian’s season. Quoth Siriano:

Rami was annoying. Talk to him for 10 minutes and you’d want to die. [Laughs.] He’s really sweet, but he’s so serious, you’re like “Lord lady, calm down!” …I think our season didn’t have any real downtime to [mess around]. At the end, me and [fellow finalist] Jillian cracked. We went crazy, and I screamed at one of the producers. We were stuck in this room waiting while the judges debated over Chris and Rami. I was so over it and Jillian was freaking out. We were like, having a breakdown. It was so bad. …The wait was crazy. Jillian called the Animal Control hotline because of Chris March’s [use of] real hair and stuff. It was so out of control.

Are you there, Bravo? Because we need a Project Runway: The Lost Scenes stat.

The Joy of Sets: Project Runway’s Christian Siriano Is Sew Cool! [TV Guide]

Christian Siriano Might Dress Pussycat Dolls, Dishes on Lost ‘Runway’ Scenes