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Humane Society Sues Over ‘Pseudo’ Faux Fur

A coat by Andrew Marc.

The Humane Society is suing Dillard’s, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks, and the parent company of Andrew Marc for allegedly mislabeling faux-fur items. They say the stores sold coats that were labeled as faux fur when the actually contained real fur. The Humane Society says over three years it purchased the offending items and found that twelve contained real fur when they were labeled fake. An independent tester concluded that a coat purchased from Neiman Marcus in 2007 contained real rabbit fur, for example.

This is all very strange. First, we didn’t know the Humane Society devoted so much time to this (doesn’t PETA do enough?). Second, we’re not ones to dispute science, but why on earth would they sell real fur as fake fur when real fur costs so much more money? You know, that stuff we had a lot more of two or three years ago. The retailers are evaluating the claims before they comment.

Neiman Marcus, Saks Among Others Hit With Fur-Labeling Lawsuit [WSJ]

Humane Society Sues Over ‘Pseudo’ Faux Fur