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Plastic-Surgery Discounts Now Offered; Revlon’s Profits Soar

• Plastic surgeons are offering department store–style discounts on Botox injections and other procedures, which worries people because it reduces medical procedures to a commodity. Eh, we kind of always thought of those procedures that way. [NYT]

• Paul & Joe launched a limited-edition collection for Disney, and released it this spring in Japan and Europe. Finally, it’s stateside, due to “overwhelming demand and popularity,” and available at Bergdorf Goodman counters now. Heads up: Bambi’s on the bronzer balls. [Beauty Anonymous]

• Good news for Revlon: The company raked in $29 million in profits this quarter, thanks to product launches and the sale of the Bozzano men’s grooming line. [WWD]

• But Elizabeth Arden reported a net profit loss of $12.5 million for the first quarter and halved its projected yearly profits. Ouch. [Cosmetic News]

• Cosmetics brand Carol’s Daughter launched a new fragrance called Pearls, a feminine blend of bergamot, lemon, peach, apricot, and vanilla. [Now Smell This]

Plastic-Surgery Discounts Now Offered; Revlon’s Profits Soar