Brazil Fashion Cruise: This Isn’t What We Meant by Nautical Fashion

All aboard!

If you haven’t used all your vacation days yet, we’ve got your solution right here: the Brazil Fashion Cruise. That’s right, fashion plus a cruise — South America’s very own heaven on the high waters. Setting sail from the port Santos, Brazil (near São Paulo), the MSC Musica cruise liner takes passengers on a seven-night, eight-day cruise stopping at Búzios, Salvador, Maceió, and Ilhéus. As for the fashion elements, eight designers (such as São Paulo Fashion Week staples Samuel Cirnansck and Juliana Jabour) hop aboard to put on fashion shows. (Probably two shows each, for the early diners and late diners — Cruise Critics, you know what we mean.) Also adding to the fashion segment, a “top Brazilian agency” will award a modeling contract to one of the passengers, which will likely turn the entire cruise into one weeklong version of Next Top Model, sans Tyra’s wacky mentorship and 500 different smiles.

Although we’re questioning the fashion-friendliness of the cruise since the ship leaves port on February 1 — just twelve days before the first runway shows walk in New York — we can’t hold anything against those with time for one last rendezvous before the 24-hour excitement (read: stress) of Fashion Week. Expect to shill out $1,190 to $1,490 for this weeklong cruise, a price that so graciously includes five meals a day (see … fashion people eat!). Free beverages are limited to breakfast, which means paying for booze is one big sucker punch, since you’re guaranteed to need a drink the second you step onboard. We’re envisioning some sort of pirate takeover is already in the works. And by pirates, we mean sleazy, skuzzy, seedy men. Because the thought that this ship won’t be full of wannabe modelizers just doesn’t seem feasible. Bon voyage!

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Brazil Fashion Cruise: This Isn’t What We Meant by Nautical Fashion