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Carla Bruni Doesn’t Want Her Naked Picture on a Shopping Bag

Carla Bruni is suing clothing maker Pardon for putting her naked picture on a bag without her consent. The design includes a talk bubble coming out of her mouth that reads, “My guy should have bought Pardon!” (Still, not as brilliant as the line she wrote about rolling her guy up and smoking him.) The photograph was taken in 1993 and sold at auction for a staggering $91,000 in April. Carla was reportedly unhappy with it around that time, too, when a media frenzy ensued over the picture shortly before she made her first official First Lady visit to the U.K. to break crumpets with the Queen.

Carla’s lawyer argues that she has “exclusive and absolute rights over her image” and calls the sale of the bag a “moral and matrimonial attack.” Perish the thought her wedded bliss be threatened. Pardon argues the bags are okay because Carla’s a public figure. Carla seeks 125,000 euros in damages, which she plans to give to charity if she wins. Ironically, this comes right on the heels of her husband’s failed attempt to ban a voodoo doll with his image on it that came with twelve pins.

Based in the French Indian Ocean island of Réunion, Pardon is selling the bags for just three euros or giving them to customers who spend at least five euros in the store. We hate to see dear Carla in distress, but we totally want one. Ahem, Urban Outfitters.

French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy sues bag makers Pardon over nude image [Telegraph]

Carla Bruni Doesn’t Want Her Naked Picture on a Shopping Bag