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Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens to Do Men’s Shows

Gareth Pugh, spring 2009.

Confession: Sometimes we find the men’s shows more delightful than the women’s shows. Since everyday menswear is so much more limited than womenswear, imagining much of the men’s pieces walking down the street on everyday dudes is rather hysterical (try that exercise here). Next month’s men’s collections could be better than ever since Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens are staging their first menswear shows. Pugh has put men in his shows in the past, but not his most recent one in Paris. Man-hungry showgoers began clamoring for menswear, and Pugh decided to deliver. Owens has shown menswear with womenswear, but never in a separate men’s show.

These are bold moves for Pugh and Owens considering These Economic Times. What’s more, Owens isn’t playing it safe to pander to the dour economic climate and worried, conservative retailers. “Looking at my sketches, we have a couple of coats titled ‘exploding dominators,’ if that tells you anything,” he told WWD. Well, not really, but still, we can’t wait!

Pugh Among Paris Men’s Launches [WWD]

Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens to Do Men’s Shows