Mike & Chris Sign Licensing Deal, Not Folding

You can still buy this!

Let’s make this official, everyone: Mike & Chris is not closing. Despite rampant rumors that arose when their sample sale got foiled last month, the design duo are still weathering These Economic Times. As of right now, they’ve inked a deal with Green Mochi LLC, which also has partnerships with Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent and A.L.C. The deal, in essence, allows Mike & Chris to focus solely on design, and Green Mochi on the tedious paperwork/business side.

What does this mean? The slouchy blazers, buttery-soft leather jackets, and hoodies we can’t get enough of are sticking around. And since there’s now someone to focus on the distribution of these goods, let’s hope there will be fewer snafus like the one we saw last month with the sale. Plus, it’s a great way for the label to keep its head above water in a trying retail time. “Not only is it efficient on a business level, I will be able to really, really spend 100 percent of my time on the creative between the design process, the development of each collection and fine-tuning it,” Mike Gonzalez told WWD. The silver lining in a recession? Smart business moves and, yes, killer sales.

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Mike & Chris Sign Licensing Deal, Not Folding