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Model Falls to Her Death in England

Sahar Daftary, a London model who had been crowned the Face of Asia, fell twelve stories to her death in Greater Manchester on Saturday. The fall came just days after Daftary found out her boyfriend was married and had children. Rashid Jamil, 33, was arrested and questioned on suspicion of murder but was released. (Daftary fell from Jamil’s apartment window while collecting her things after they had broken up.)

Daftary, just 23, had pulled out of a modeling gig earlier in the day claiming she was ill. She had also posted about her relationship on her blog, noting the ups and downs.

Daftary’s family told the Telegraph that they don’t believe the fall was accidental or an act of suicide. “She would never commit suicide. It was against everything she believed in. She had everything to live for. She was a beautiful, intelligent, religious woman,” Joe Karim, her brother-in-law said.

The couple had declared their love in an Islamic ceremony last year.

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Model Falls to Her Death in England