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The Wall Street Journal Attempts a Fashion Spread

The Wall Street Journal’s new quarterly luxury magazine’s winter issue is out. This means we can begin to answer the burning question, Can the Journal pull off a fashion spread? This one’s titled “Party Flavors. Long frocks, tuxedos, fanciful hair accessories, and balloon dogs. It must be the festive season.” Great fashion spreads come infused with deeper meanings, and we think we detect one here — long frocks and tuxedos? Could that translate to the inaugural balls? As in subliminal suggestions for what the Obamas should wear on their big night? Because Michelle should most definitely wear a mask and the military jacket on the left. And who needs a real puppy when you can have balloon animals? And soap bubbles! The kids will not be able to contain themselves.

Photo: Koto Bolofo for WSJ.

Ah, casual strolling-with-the-geese outfits. We can’t even recall seeing Chuck Bass in socks like those red ones on the left — this model is fashion-forward and excellent at smiling with his eyes. We’ll give his partner a get-out-of-eye-smiling-free card since she only has one eye available. So, can The Wall Street Journal pull off a fashion spread? We’ll answer that question with another question: Can Tyra Banks save society from itself?

Party Flavors [WSJ.]

The Wall Street Journal Attempts a Fashion Spread