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Catherine Malandrino to Judge Make Me a Supermodel

The lovely Catherine Malandrino.

Remember when Catherine Malandrino judged Project Runway in Paris? And she was so elegant and dreamy and inspiring you would have traded lives with her? Well, we’re in luck because she’s returning to reality TV with a permanent judgeship on the next season of Make Me a Supermodel. So apparently that show’s coming back for a second season! We suppose if Michael Kors judges Project Runway, there’s no reason a designer of Malandrino’s caliber can’t judge Supermodel, but it’s an interesting choice for her. Could she be looking for heightened visibility in These Economic Times? Then again, if that were true, why would she choose Make Me a Supermodel? We’ll file that one under Mysteries comma Unsolved.

In other Make Me a Supermodel news, Tyson Beckford’s co-host, Niki Taylor, has been replaced by 23-year-old Australian model Nicole Trunfio, who came in third at the Ford Supermodel of the World contest a few years ago. See what happens when you stop paying attention to these things? We know this is a lot to take in. Breathe through the nose.

Nicole Trunfio takes over from Niki Taylor on ‘Make Me a Supermodel’ [Sassybella]

Catherine Malandrino to Judge Make Me a Supermodel