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Elite’s Model Cuts Aren’t About the Economy (Updated)

On Monday we reported Elite Model Management cut 25 models from its roster and let 3 bookers go. We’ve since learned the three bookers left of their own accord. Elite wouldn’t comment on the bookers or confirm the number of models let go (though two sources tell us 25), but released the following statement: “Periodically every model agency reviews its roster and evaluates the performance and re-evaluates the potential of each model. Last fall, Elite conducted such a review and decided it was mutually beneficial to release several contracts.”

A spokesman noted the cuts had nothing to do with the economy, and that Elite just took on three new models, including Dolce & Gabbana spring face Tanya Dziahileva, and could take on more newbies as soon as next week.

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Update: An Elite spokesman has confirmed two staff members left to pursue other interests. One was a booker, while the other worked in marketing.

Elite’s Model Cuts Aren’t About the Economy (Updated)