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Fashion Thieves on the Loose in L.A.

Showroom Seven L.A. before the carnage.

Showroom Seven’s West Coast office was robbed on New Year’s Day, WWD reports. Robbers stole about $300,000 worth of merchandise, including bags by Orla Kiely and Jane August, Erickson Beamon jewelry, and dresses by Akiko Ogawa. Their plot was crafty. At 3:30 a.m., when everyone was still out partying, the thieves climbed a heating duct outside the showroom and broke into a window between the first and second floors to access the building. The spokeswoman suspects the intruders were “fashion-savvy insiders who had been inside the showroom before.” The evidence? Only fashion merchandise was stolen — the computers and plasma TV went untouched. No other showrooms in the building were robbed.

Who could have done this? The same people who robbed Paris Hilton’s house? Or Lauren Conrad, crazed now that Whitney Port has violently rocked her from her reality-TV throne and kicked her when she’s down?

Robbers Steal From Showroom Seven [WWD]

Fashion Thieves on the Loose in L.A.