Giorgio Armani Unleashes ‘Trousergate’ in Milan

Never mind Sarah Jessica Parker’s Nina Ricci dress at the Sex and the City movie premiere. Forget the bolero Jennifer Hudson wore at André Leon Talley’s behest to the Oscars. Drew Barrymore’s Golden Globes hair? So last week. For Giorgio Armani has unleashed “Trousergate” in Milan, accusing D&G of copying the quilted men’s pants he sent down his runway in June.

The Guardian describes it as “the most acidic row to hit the world of fashion for more than 15 years.” After the D&G show in Milan over the weekend, Armani — having just presented his fall 2009 Emporio collection — noted that at least sixteen pairs of the quilted pants walked down the offending runway. “Now they copy me. Tomorrow they will learn,” he told reporters. “I would understand if they were nobodies. But honestly!” His right-hand man even showed reporters images of Armani’s pants from the June show.

Dolce and Gabbana are defending the design. “We surely have plenty to learn, but certainly not from him,” the duo said in a statement. “The Armani style was never a source of inspiration for us and it is years since we have bothered to watch his collections.” Hiss.

An Armani spokesman says the designer doesn’t plan to sue, and called his comments “a casual observation.” Things might be tense in Italy, but the good news is you men will have lots of quilted bottoms to choose from next fall.

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Giorgio Armani Unleashes ‘Trousergate’ in Milan