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We Are Not Surprised Vogue Photoshopped Sienna Miller’s Head onto a Different Body

Sienna Miller graced the September 2007 cover of Vogue, the putting together of which R. J. Cutler documented in Sundance favorite The September Issue. The film includes a glimpse at the Photoshopping that went into the cover. The Daily Mail writes Miller was “airbrushed within an inch of her life.”

Apparently Anna Wintour calls Miller “toothy,” while her staff worries she has “too many fillings” and “unruly hair.” They also wound up Photoshopping one shot of Miller’s head onto a different one of her body.

But we’re not shocked at all. Of course they did this and had these discussions. Magazines do this all the time, especially with actresses who are not models and don’t come out looking as close to perfect on camera. Photo retouchers always — on models and actresses — remove arm hairs, smooth knee caps and arm-pit wrinkles, get rid of blemishes, veins, and under-eye shadows, and take shine off the face. Each photo is different but other common adjustments include slimming of hips, removing lower-belly shadows, slimming noses, and changing eye color. What you see in magazines isn’t real at all! So they put her head on a different body? That’s not as “bad” as taking off ten pounds, though we wouldn’t be surprised if they did that, too. Or putting her head on a model’s body.

While this story was obvious to us, we’re glad people are talking about it, because if anyone thinks pictures in magazines like Vogue are real, they ought to understand many of them are really just photo illustrations. If readers are never able to attain physical ideals in these magazines, they’ll keep buying them for more diet and beauty tips, right?

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We Are Not Surprised Vogue Photoshopped Sienna Miller’s Head onto a Different Body