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Coco Rocha on Coco Rocha

Is Coco Rocha the new Martha Stewart? Today at Michael Kors we saw her interview Chanel Iman, shoot Lauren Ezersky down when she tried to interview her, say chirpy things into the camera, strip down, put on a tight gray Michael Kors suit, walk the runway, strip down again, change into regular clothes, and go back to interviewing her fellow models. We were surprised she didn’t julienne some carrots and teach us how to change motor oil in the process. Between breaths, Jada Yuan caught up with Fashion Week’s busiest model-TV-host-Irish-step-dancer-redhead.

How are you liking your new gig as a TV host?
It’s a little much right now, because I’m trying to do a show and talk and take pictures and do video.

You’re covering shows that you’re also walking in?
I do both. I mean, I’ve been doing more covering shows than being in the shows. But when this happens it’s like, “Ugh, my goodness!” Because they’re trying to follow a day in the life of Coco.

I’m confused. I thought you were hosting a show.
I am hosting, but it’s kind of a documentary. They’re trying a little co-mingle.

How did you get tapped for the gig?
Um, I have no clue.

Did they watch those YouTube videos on your website?
I guess? It’s E! Canada. So I guess it’s partly because I’m Canadian.

Were those videos of you goofing off a ploy to get a legit TV gig?
No, they’re just kind of fun. I like people to know that I’m a real person who still likes to have fun, that I’m a girl.

Is it weird being on the other side of the lens?

Yeah! Sort of. Maybe … A little. Sometimes? I don’t know. Everything’s happening at the same time.

Do you get better interview access since you’re in the biz?
I guess maybe a little bit, but then I don’t really know the celebrities. You know, they’re celebrities. We’re in two different worlds, really.

They’ve seen you walking, though.
It doesn’t mean much with some people.

Do you think by next year you’ll have given up modeling for TV?

No, this is just opening worlds. It doesn’t mean that this is it. We’re going to see. Maybe not, maybe so. Maybe I’ll come back and do all shows.

What do you have planned for the rest of the week?
Commentary. I’m walking one more, Zac Posen. That will be it.

And how are people reacting to your red hair?
Everyone likes it. It’s a nice, new, refreshing change. Blondes do not have more fun. This red thing is great. We’re the only reds, Vlada [Roslyakova] and I. Everyone’s like, “Wow! Red, red, red.” Blondes, there are so many of them! How can they have more fun? They’re like, the world, and we’re the only two redheads in this Fashion Week.

Does anyone treat you differently as a redhead versus a brunette?

I think people are more scared of me. They think I’m evil.

Coco Rocha on Coco Rocha